Merton Spiritual Development Programme

Training Development for the Thomas Merton Spiritual Development Programme. 

The Janssen Spirituality Centre, in conjuction with the Melbourne Chapter of the Australian Thomas Merton Society, offers training programmes in the Thomas Merton Spiritual Development Programme.  The programme consists of a series of workshops and seminars for use in High School Religion Classes, Confirmation Preparation Classes, Young Adult and Adult Faith Formation, Parish Youth Groups, RCIA, and for retreats and journaling workshops.  The readings, prayers and activities are relevant to anyone interested in continuing self-discovery on his or her life journey.

Teachers, pastoral associates, youth workers and anyone else interested in contemplative living can benefit from this programme, based on the writings of Thomas Merton.

Merton was a man who struggled all his life with questions of how to be authentically spiritual in a world that often works against spiritual values.  He found his identity and purpose in a search for meaning through his religious conversion and experience of the contemplative in every day living.

This programme and the Workshop/Journal which accompanies it was developed to introduce people of all faiths to contemplative spirituality and help them integrate contemplative practices and transcendent values into their everyday lives.

For further information, contact: Dr Stewart Sharlow, Mobile: 04 9017 5645; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.